K - Lite Mega Codec Pack 1.58 ( improve your music,video,sound and picture format )

download K-Lite Mega Coded Pack 1.58
K-Lite Codec Pack is a collection of codecs and related tools. Codec is short for Compressor-Decompressor. Codecs are needed for encoding and decoding (playing) audio and video. The K-Lite Codec Pack is designed as a user-friendly solution for playing all your movie files. With the K-Lite Codec Pack you should be able to play all the popular movie formats and even some rare formats. The K-Lite Codec Pack has a couple of major advantages compared to other codec packs: It it always very up-to-date with the latest versions of the codecs. It is very user-friendly and the installation is fully customizable, meaning that you can install only those components that you really want. It's easy to make an unattended installation. It has been very well tested, so that the package doesn't contain any conflicting codecs. It tries to avoid potential problems with existing codecs and even fixes some problems. It is a very complete package, containing everything you need to play your movies. There are different packages. From small to extra-large.The K-Lite Mega Codec Pack combines the contents of three codec packs: K-Lite Codec Pack Full; QuickTime Alternative; Real Alternative, Plus some extra features: BSplayer, DC-DSP filter. K-Lite Mega Codec Pack is the best codec pack, without a doubt.
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